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I’d like to preach at your church.


No! I don’t want your pastor’s job. I’ve been a pastor for over forty years, and I am now happily serving a Conservative Baptist church in Allentown, PA. Since the fall of 2014, I have been preaching only three Sundays a month in order to give our associate pastor more opportunities in the pulpit. I love proclaiming God’s word, and I am looking for opportunites to serve in other churches on my weeks off.


Possible Ways to Use Me

I am available for Sunday pulpit supply or for a brief series of messages during a conference or retreat. I can preach messages related to my books, The Beauty of God and Limping Christians. Other topics of special interest to me are the Holy Trinity and the essential doctrines of the Reformation. I would also enjoy developing a series of messages to fit the needs of your group—perhaps a series on difficult passages or doctrines of the Bible, a series on how to enjoy God, or a series on the mortification of sin.


I would characterize my preaching as—

• Exegetical. A message must be true to the text.

• Theological. I tend to look for the broader theological implications of a passage.

• Christological. If He isn’t central in a message, it is not worth preaching.

• Applicational. People need to see how the truths of God’s word make a difference in their lives.


My Background

1970 BA from Moody Bible Institute (Pastor/Greek Emphasis)

1976 MA in Old Testament from Talbot Seminary

1985 PhD in Reformation and Post-Reformation Studies from Westminster Seminary

1994-Present, Pastor of Grace Community Church


• Founding board member for the now defunct Conservative Baptist Seminary of the East.

• Religion column several times a year for the Allentown Morning Call newspaper

• Contributor to the Blackwell Dictionary of Evangelical Biography 1720-1860 (1996)

• Author of The Beauty of God for a Broken World: Reflections on the Goodness of the God of the Bible (2010)

• Author of Limping Christians: Help for Those Who Hobble along the Path of Life (2014). For descriptions of the books, see


Contact Information


398 Barclay St.

Mertztown, PA 19539

Home Phone 610-682-9503                                                                  

Cell Phone 484-225-5040                                                            

References available on request