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Practical Bible Doctrines:

How to Live out What You Believe


John K. LaShell


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I have observed a lamentable tendency to divorce biblical doctrine from Christian practice.  People want to improve their lives, so they ask for "practical" lessons to give them concrete solutions for their problems.  Certainly, the word of God is filled with specific prescriptions for behavior, but the strength to carry them out does not come from the commandments themselves.


The Spirit of God alone enables us to live a new kind of life.  He reorients our thought patterns so that we see God, the world, and ourselves from God's perspective.  At the same time, He changes our affections so that we love God and value the things that are important to Him.  What does the Spirit use to produce this wonderful transformation in us?  He uses the Scripture, and more particularly the doctrines of Scripture.  God saves us and sanctifies us through the truth (John 17:17).


The major doctrines of the Bible are not dry, dusty subjects. They are intensely practical truths. Good doctrine is meant to be lived. You may have good doctrine in your head and live poorly, but you cannot live well without good doctrine in your heart. Practicing what we believe is the theme of this short book.





Table of Contents


Chapter 1—Our Purpose in Life

Chapter 2—The Word of God

Chapter 3—The True God

Chapter 4—God in Christ

Chapter 5—Mankind

Chapter 6—Salvation

Chapter 7—Repentance and Faith

Chapter 8—Life in the Spirit

Chapter 9—The Church

Chapter 10—Our Worship and the Ordinances

Chapter 11—Our Mission

Chapter 12—Last Things

Appendix A—Doctrinal Summary with References

Appendix B—God’s Preservation of His Word

Appendix C—The Trinity

Appendix D—The Exclusive Claims of Christianity

Appendix E—Why Do We Suffer for Adam’s Sin?

Appendix F—Baptism, Filling, and Gifts of the Spirit

Appendix G—Sexual Purity

Appendix H—The Eternal Torment of the Lost