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The Earth-Two Adventures


John K. LaShell

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From the Preface


I wrote this series of adventures in the years 1999 and 2000 while I was teaching the first through sixth graders on Wednesday evenings. At that time, our group of children all regularly attended Sunday school where they received a solid background in Bible. Not wanting to duplicate their Sunday school instruction, I used these stories to paint a picture of the kind of young people I wanted them to become. The children in these stories learn to depend on God’s word as they face increasingly difficult and dangerous challenges. Those children from my Wednesday night group are now young adults, and over the years, they have continued to encourage me to publish these stories. Now, at last, I have an opportunity to do so.

All over the world, people seek to control the world around them with magical words. At one level, this is a deluded attempt to imitate the power of God’s creative words. On the other hand, where there is smoke there is sometimes fire. Perhaps behind all the folly of magic there is a vague racial remembrance of a gift God gave to Adam and Eve. Is it possible that God intended them to use the Mother of all languages to exercise dominion over the earth and its creatures? That is the idea on which these stories are based.



The Vortex. 3

Three children (Harold, Susan, and William) accidentally find their way into a parallel Earth where the language God gave to Adam and Eve is still spoken. With this language people are able to do amazing things. When the children are captured by an Earth-Two rebel named Hagen, their parents and an Earth-Two ranger must try to rescue them. At the end of this story, the ranger Ulysses makes arrangements for the children to be instructed in the Mother Tongue. 81

The Voyage. 91

Harold, Susan, and William foil a plot by Hagen to kidnap children, send them to Mexico on and Earth-Two ship, and sell them. In order to do this, they must undertake a dangerous sea voyage with two would-be sailors who have never been out of San Francisco Bay. 161

The Village. 163

Ulysses, sends Harold, Susan, and William to spend the summer in an Earth-Two village. Their assignment is to uncover a plot that is threatening Earth-Two’s ruling council. They seem to be perfect for the job. After all, who would suspect three children of being spies? And what might happen if they were suspected? In the village they meet a mysterious woman called the Grandmother who is potentially their greatest ally or their worst enemy.


The Witch. 3

While Susan is recovering from a shooting at school, the mother of a girl whose life she saved tries to convert her to the Wiccan religion. Her family is deeply concerned about her growing distance from them, but what can they do to reach her?

The Wardell-Oon

The three children must face the dreadful Wardell-Oon, the creature-without-a-name. If it has no name, it cannot be subdued by using the Mother-Tongue. The identity of the Grandmother is revealed, but is she too weak to help them now?

The Winter

When their beloved teacher, the Grandmother, dies, the children must return to public school, with disastrous consequences. The children are no longer able to hide the amazing things they have learned to do through the use of the Mother Tongue. As a result the jealousy, suspicion, and hatred of an old enemy threaten to put an end to their freedom.


In these stories, Harold, Susan, and William are on loan from Earth-Two’s ruling council to serve the President of the United States.



The President sends the children to rescue a young prince of Oman from terrorists who are trying to start a war on the Arabian penninsula. They return home with Aisha, a Muslim girl who wants to become a Christian.



William is must risk his life to save the life of the President. Aisha can sustain William’s life for a while, but both of them will be lost if Harold cannot bring help in time.



Aisha faces great danger as she returns to her village to tell her people about Christ. Then she goes to India to help the others on their last mission for the President.